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    The important role of fire retardant in family fire prevention

    Due to the flammability of decoration materials on the market, there is a general lack of necessary standards. Therefore, owners should pay special attention to the selection of decoration materials and try to select inorganic decorative materials. While home decoration is the secondary processing of the inner surface of the wall, ceiling materials are easy to be ignored. If the materials used are not flame retardant, once a fire occurs, the home decoration materials will be ignited first Therefore, fire prevention in home decoration is very important.

    First、 Construction procedures should be standardized

    In the decoration, if the water and electricity installation project has been completed and the gas pipeline is installed, try not to change it for convenience and beauty. If it needs to be changed or not installed, it is necessary to employ qualified personnel for construction. When construction is carried out near the gas pipeline or water and electricity pipeline, special care should be taken not to damage the pipeline and valve switch, so as to avoid fire or explosion caused by gas leakage or short circuit of electric wire. When selecting the conductor, it is necessary to select the flame-retardant insulated copper core wire with better quality; when laying the electrical circuit in the ceiling or interlayer, the insulating metal pipe or the flame-retardant rigid plastic with oxygen index no less than 35 must be sheathed, and no joint is allowed. In addition, attention should be paid to the installation position of household appliances, and the high-temperature parts of sockets and lighting lamps used by high-power household appliances should be far away from combustible materials, or protective measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation should be taken to prevent accidents.

    Secondly, material safety is the premise

    Although the price of some decoration materials is low and the quality is OK, they do not meet the requirements of fire prevention, and a large amount of smoke or toxic gases will be produced during the combustion process. The use of such combustible and flammable materials should be avoided in construction.

    The fire prevention parts to be considered in decoration mainly include ceiling, wall, floor, fixed furniture, etc. Many owners in the installation of the ceiling, will choose the wood keel as the support, in order to ensure the safety of the home, must choose the flame retardant wood treated by flame retardant as the keel bracket, so as to become the ceiling with fire resistance performance.

    The kitchen cabinet is the closest part to the open fire. It is recommended to choose artificial stone or natural stone countertop. The other material of ambry had better choose fireproof board. Wallpaper, paint, floor these three kinds of materials are also easy to cause fire source, therefore, these three kinds of materials are required to have a certain fire retardant performance. Some soft decoration in the home, such as curtains, sofa surface, carpet, etc., can also be considered to choose flame retardant fabric treated with textile flame retardant. For some combustible decorations, it can be done by soaking or spraying in the flame retardant of fabric to make them not easy to burn. Try to avoid choosing flammable materials for decoration.

    Third, establish the awareness of fire prevention

    Generally, the fire safety awareness of the owners is relatively weak. They did not consider that the complex decoration may become a fire hazard in the decoration design. When choosing decoration materials, the price and quality of materials are often considered, but the fire rating of materials is not considered. Different materials have different fire rating, which can be divided into incombustibility, flammability, flammability. Home decoration should consider the fire parts of the ceiling, wall, floor, fixed furniture, etc.

    To eliminate the hidden danger of indoor fire, first of all, you should improve the awareness of fire prevention. Don't take it lightly. The fire safety requirements should be implemented in every detail of home decoration. Only in this way can we prevent accidents and reduce unnecessary losses.


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