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    About us   

        Weihai Helen New-Material Tech Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013.It is a key project introduced by Rushan municipal government, covering an area of 100 mu with a total investment of 250 million yuan.The planned construction land area is 58075 square meters ,with a total of 21320 square meters of new production workshops and 2595 square meters of comprehensive buildings.Our company is mainly engaged in the production of environment-friendly halogen-free flame retardants,tons. The products can substitute flame retardants that produce dioxins and corrosive gases in combustion. It is a hightech company that integrates R&D, production, training, warehousing, sales and other functions into an environmental protection new halogen-free flame retardant project.

    Company orientation

    To build the company into a larger domestic scale,more complete procedures of organic hypophosphite flame retardant production and research and development manufactures,committed to the increasingly serious form of environmental protection to make the flame retardant environmental halogen-free and heavy metal free, aims to environmentally friendly,safety,easy to use and cost-effective flame retardants ,to give everyone a green and safe home.

    Company Philosophy:

    We will adhere to the concept of open and shared science and technology,we are committed to building and upgrading halogen-free flame retardant industrial chain with all of you,so as to maximize the profits of enterprises along the ecological chain.Hairunhas the responsibility and obligation to make more contributions to halogen-free flame retardant industry and make due contributions to environmental protection cause of our country.

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